City Park Railway – [Closed Indefinitely] – Train Ride for Kids in Fort Collins, CO

Yesterday, we walked to the City Park Railway. The City Park Railway was located across the street from the City Park pool in northwest Fort Collins. The train is currently closed indefinitely. Continue reading “City Park Railway – [Closed Indefinitely] – Train Ride for Kids in Fort Collins, CO”

Conference Bike – Team Building on a Bicycle?

We came upon a bike we had never seen before while riding home from a family bike ride last week. It was a circle-shaped, seven person bike with a person in the back steering. The man in the yellow shirt said it was a “conference bike”. Continue reading “Conference Bike – Team Building on a Bicycle?”

Guide to Hiking with Kids, Babies, Toddlers

Last Saturday March 7th at 9am at the outdoor classroom at Devil’s Backbone Open Space, I gave my first guided hike as a Larimer County Volunteer Naturalist. My talk emphasized the importance of children interacting with nature and, specifically, with regard to nature deficit disorder. Continue reading “Guide to Hiking with Kids, Babies, Toddlers”

Leave No Trace Awareness Workshop

Last week, I had the pleasure of attending a two hour Leave No Trace Awareness Workshop as part of my ongoing Volunteer Naturalist training. The main theme of the workshop was that it is important for everybody to understand the combined effect that millions of people can have on our natural resources and, thus, it is important to educate as many people as possible about outdoor ethics. Continue reading “Leave No Trace Awareness Workshop”