Conference Bike – Team Building on a Bicycle?

We came upon a bike we had never seen before while riding home from a family bike ride last week. It was a circle-shaped, seven person bike with a person in the back steering. The man in the yellow shirt said it was a “conference bike”. Unfortunately, the following picture is not very clear because it was taken while moving and from a distance.
Upon further research, a conference bike is actually considered a tricycle, weighs 400 lbs, includes height adjusting seats, has three brakes (foot, hand, and parking), and costs around $13,000. Most of the pictures I found online show people riding a conference bike without a helmet so it must be fairly stable. What’s more, a conference bike’s uses include corporate team building, bicycle riding for the blind, bike touring, and bike rentals. I am not sure how well a conference bike improves teamwork but there was no doubt that the seven people we saw were having a lot of fun riding it.


6 thoughts on “Conference Bike – Team Building on a Bicycle?”

  1. I’m the man in the yellow shirt… The conference bike is available for rentals, tours, parties, and event in Fort Collins CO. For local details and contact info see our website. become a fan on facebook search for SeptaCyclesThe conference bike is a lot of fun… and I look forward to having more and more people experience it with their friends and family. CheersIan

  2. Ian, very cool web site and rental service for the conference bike. I become a fan on Facebook and added your Facebook page to our Two Knobby Tire’s Facebook page. Please add Two Knobby Tires to your SeptaCycles Facebook page. Thanks!

  3. The Conference Bike is a great tool for corporate outing, teambuilding activities, family reuniopn and outing, etc. The bike is now available all over Cape Cod Thanks to Bike and Walk Your Health Up. Visit us our website "Where Smiles Ride on Wheels". We will be more than glad to provide you with a ride to remember.Kobi

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