Seven Springs Loop Trail in Fremont Older – Cupertino, CA

We reached the entrance to the Fremont Older Preserve by taking the De Anza Blvd exit off of CA-85, then onto Prospect Road, and followed it to its end. Hiking, mountain biking, dog walking, and horseback riding were popular on these trails. Parking was free, limited in size, and full when we arrived around 9am on a Sunday morning. We waited five minutes for a spot while others parked farther away. The trail head featured a portable restroom but not water.

We hiked a counter-clockwise three mile loop that featured a range in elevation of 400 feet.

We started on the Cora Older trail which featured wide, smooth dirt and this fun switchback.


The trails were well marked. At the next intersection, we took a right and followed signs for Seven Springs trail. IMG_3130

The first half of the loop was easy as it was mostly downhill.IMG_3135

The bright red berries (seen below) added color to an otherwise muted landscape.

Toyon (a.k.a., California Holly)

The highlight of our hike was seeing a small coyote meandering only a couple  hundred feet away from us.


The second half of the loop included a prolonged, steady climb and another fun switchback. This stretch was very busy with lots of hikers and mountain bikers.


Next, we followed signs for Hunter’s Point and used the Woodhills Loop trail to get there. It was around this time that fatigue set in for our children, ages eight and five.  They happily continued on with the knowledge that they had completed the hardest part and were almost done. IMG_3156

Hunter’s Point was the top of a hill that offered a 360 degree view.IMG_3160

It had a nice park bench and an expansive view of Santa Clara County.IMG_3166

From there, we headed back to the parking lot by taking the Hayfield trail.IMG_3171

We finished the loop on the hiker-only Creekside trail, which was the quietest of all. IMG_3177

In sum, we found this hike to be a great fit for our group of young children because of its mild slopes and modest length. Our experience at Los Gatos Creek trail was similar but it was a little more challenging with its steeper slopes.


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