Valmont Bike Park – Boulder, CO

Valmont Bike Park is located in Boulder, Colorado and, specifically, on Airport Road a little north of Valmont Road. Parking is free and includes restrooms, a water fountain, and a bike service station.

First, I checked out the small play area for kids. It was enough to hold my kids attention for 15-20 minutes.


Next to the play area was covered picnic tables, restrooms, and a water fountain.


What’s more, a bike repair service station was available with tools and a pump.


Using its multi-use path and starting at its southern end, I walked a counterclockwise loop through the park. The southern half featured single track with low lying platforms and logs that were ideal for riders of all ages.


I witnessed both young kids and adults having fun exploring the trails, which provided a safe learning environment for riders new to mountain biking.


The Valmont Dog Park borders the southeast edge and was another parking option.


The southern area included several unique opportunities to master various types of terrain such as rocks, raised logs, sloped turns, sand, wooden platforms, and more.


The northern area featured dirt jumps, slalom courses, and a pump track. The dirt jump area was the most fun to watch because the riders were performing advanced tricks.


The following picture shows the dirt jump area from atop the slalom course.


East of the slalom area was a pump track and a set of curvy single track.


The northwest corner featured a slalom area comprised of several tracks with various degrees of difficulty. In the next picture, the terrain difficulty increases from right to left. I had fun watching parents and their middle school aged children test their skills on the slalom course. The youth were fearless while the parents were wide-eyed and simply trying to keep up.


I didn’t see anyone jump off the wooden platform or the log.

Jumps at Valmont Bike Park

The last picture zoomed in for a closer look at some of the advanced terrain.


In sum, I am very jealous of Boulder residents for having such an awesome park in their backyard. It is family friendly with nice facilities and a safe place for kids to learn to mountain bike. I had fun walking through it and highly recommend it for anyone who has a chance to check it out. There are two mountain bike skills parks in Fort Collins worth checking out too. Lastly, I’ve had fun biking at Hall Ranch and Rabbit Mountain.


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