Riverbend Ponds Natural Area – Fort Collins, CO

Riverbend Ponds Natural Area is in Fort Collins, CO and can be found on Prospect Road east of South Timberline Road. Recreation in the park includes fishing, birding, dog walking, hiking, and trail running. Parking is free and includes a restroom and free dog waste bags. I did not see a water fountain. My cell phone service was strong while on the trails.

We did a two mile walk comprised of a clockwise loop around the largest pond and an out and back through the wetlands. Our group had kids ages one to six. The youngest two kids took turns riding in a jogging stroller. All of them had fun walking on the wide and flat dirt paths. The adults enjoyed the scenery both near and far (Longs Peak was visible).


Walking around the ponds was peaceful. What’s more, it was informative because it featured several interpretive signs with details about plants and wildlife.


Our group of toddlers had a lot of fun navigating the wood platform that lead us through the wetlands.


In the wetlands, were heard many birds and were able to identify several of them as red-winged blackbirds. Other birds that can be seen include osprey, wood ducks, screech owls, and common yellowthroat.

a red-winged blackbird
a red-winged blackbird

In sum, we found this natural area to be a relaxing place to take a family walk . Cathy Fromme Prairie is another Fort Collins natural area that features an easy walk and seasonal birding opportunities.


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