Boyson Park Trail – Marion, Iowa

Boyson Park Trail is located in Marion, Iowa. It can be accessed from several neighborhoods and parks. Recreation on it includes dog walking, running, and cycling. Parking is free. Boyson Park has a port-o-potty and Thomas Park has a full size restroom. Neither has a water fountain. My cell phone service was strong while on the path.

The Google Map above shows my three mile bike ride from the southern end of the path to Hannah Park and then onto the northern end.

The trail is a wide, flat dirt path that meanders through scenic areas buffered from the sounds of city activity.

Motorized vehicles are not allowed and pets must be on a leash. For mountain bikers, it can serve as a route to access the single track inside Thomas Park.

In sum, Boyson Trail’s numerous access points and wide path make it a popular destination for people seeking a tranquil excursion and/or aerobic exercise within city limits.


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