Cross Country Skiing in Salt Lake City, Utah

Periodically, we visit Salt Lake City, Utah and with each visit we do our best to explore Salt Lake City’s seven canyons. We have been cross country skiing twice and have ranked the two places we explored. Click the following links to view maps, pictures, videos, and more information about the trails.

1. Mountain Dell in Parleys Canyon is a golf course that transforms into an elaborate set of cross country ski trails in the winter time. It is a popular cross country skiing destination because it has trails for beginner, intermediate, and expert skiers. It is located about 20 minutes outside Salt Lake City in Parleys Canyon on I-80. A parking day pass for $5 or an annual pass for $50-$60 is required. Water and restrooms were not available but cell phone service was strong while in the park. The park sits at about 5,800 feet in elevation.
2. Jordan Pines in Big Cottonwood Canyon transforms into a winter sports recreation area and is ideal for activities that include cross country skiing, snowshoeing, sledding, and snowboarding. It is located about 30 minutes outside Salt Lake City in Big Cottonwood Canyon on UT-190. Parking is free and on-site restrooms are available. At an elevation of 7,400 feet, it offers scenic views that include Big Cottonwood Canyon’s majestic mountains. Regarding cross country skiing, Mountain Dell offers a more expansive set of trails that are clearly marked whereas Jordan Pines is a smaller park with unmarked trails.

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