Colorado Nature Field Guide for Wildlife

The following is a short list of Colorado’s wildlife that we have learned about. We do not have a picture of a black bear but do have pictures of elk, gray jays, and Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep. Continue reading “Colorado Nature Field Guide for Wildlife”

Twin Sisters Peaks – Hiking Trail in Estes Park, Colorado

The Twin Sisters trail head parking lot is located 0.5 miles south of the Lily Mountain trail head on CO-7, across the street from Lily Lake, and is about 10 minutes from Estes Lake in Estes Park, Colorado. Continue reading “Twin Sisters Peaks – Hiking Trail in Estes Park, Colorado”

Rowdy Dawg 2009 – Mountain Bike Race Results

I am just now checking the Rowdy Dawg race results and I finished 12th out of 15 beginner men with a time of 1:41:59. The winner of the beginner men’s group had a time of 1:09:47 so I’ve need to improve by 30+ minutes if I hope to compete for the top spot next year and truly earn my Two Knobby Tires sponsorship. Continue reading “Rowdy Dawg 2009 – Mountain Bike Race Results”