Colorado Campgrounds, Cabins, and Backcountry Sites

We lived in Fort Collins, Colorado for thirteen months and did not do as much camping as we would have liked but what we did do was a lot of fun. The following is a list of campgrounds, cabins, and backcountry sites that either we camped at or stumbled upon. Continue reading “Colorado Campgrounds, Cabins, and Backcountry Sites”


Mount Margaret Trail – Horseback Riding, Hiking, MTB – Livermore, CO

The Mount Margaret trailhead is located 20 miles west of Livermore, Colorado and 41 miles from downtown Fort Collins, CO. The trailhead is reached by taking US-287 north to Livermore, turning left on CR-74E (a.k.a., Red Feather Lakes Road), and driving 20 miles west on CR-74E to a parking lot on the north side of the road. Continue reading “Mount Margaret Trail – Horseback Riding, Hiking, MTB – Livermore, CO”

Map of Hiking and Mountain Biking Trails in Colorado

The following Google Map displays all of the Colorado hiking trails, mountain biking trails, and campgrounds we have documented on this blog. Zoom-in to get a closer view of a Colorado region and click on a map marker to access a link to its corresponding blog post. Continue reading “Map of Hiking and Mountain Biking Trails in Colorado”