Up Yonda Farm – Bolton Landing, NY

Up Yonda Farm is located in Bolton Landing, New York on NY-9N. Hiking, interpretive nature talks, and catching frogs were popular activities. We paid a small donation fee to park in a large lot. Restrooms and water were available. Our cell phone service was medium.

At a leisurely pace, we walked and hiked a one mile loop around the property.


Our kids, ages 3 and 7, had a lot of fun throughout. Our first stop was the pond where we studied tadpoles and frogs.


Nets for catching them were available for rent but instead we tried to count them.


Next, we visited the two indoor museums where the bees were the big hit.


Afterwards, we spent some time playing in a sand pit.


We continued our adventure with a stop inside the Sugar House, where we learned how to make maple syrup.

Maple Syrup Sugar House

On our counter-clockwise loop, we made a short detour to check out the butterfly garden.

butterfly garden

We reached a corner of the property when we arrived at the children’s sensory garden.


Our three old was happy to discover a Thomas the Train set mixed in between the wildflowers; our favorites are displayed below.

Globe Thistle
Globe Thistle
bee balm
bee balm

We ended our exploration of the farm with a fun and easy hike on the Green trail. Most of the hiking trails around Lake George are too difficult for young children but two we’ve found to be ideal for them are Amy’s Park and here. The trails were well marked and included interpretive signs.


Our hike culminated with a view of Lake George.


We descended with ease on a wide grassy path.


In sum, we spent two hours exploring the farm and had fun at each stop along the way.


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