Doughnut Falls – Big Cottonwood Canyon, Utah

From Salt Lake City, Doughnut Falls was about nine miles up Big Cottonwood Canyon Road and near the Jordan Pines campground. Hiking and camping were the main activities because dogs, bikes, and horses were not allowed. Parking was free but can fill up quickly on a beautiful day. The trailhead had restrooms but not water. My Cell phone service was weak.

The hike to Doughnut Falls was about 0.75 miles with a gentle elevation gain of 300 feet. The following chart shows the relative change in elevation, starting at 7,500 feet and ending at 7,800 feet.

The trail was wide and smooth, which made it easy for the kids in our group. Although not advised, we saw people having fun while wearing flip flops and dress shoes.

We visited after dinner on a beautiful summer evening because we knew it was short enough to do before sunset. The trail crossed a stream twice, once with the help of a bridge and once without.

There were two places on the trail that were moderately challenging. The following section required the use of our hands and was tough for our kids and our parents that were carrying kids.

The second moderately challenging section was the final stream crossing before the waterfall. There were semi-stable logs that provided dry access across it.

The waterfall was modest but offered a tranquil backdrop for a relaxing picnic.

Doughnut Falls

The following video was taken from the base of the waterfall.

In sum, Doughnut Falls was a quick, fun hike for our kids on a summer evening. In the winter, check out cross country skiing at Jordan Pines. Other family friendly areas to explore farther up the canyon are the Brighton Lakes and Willow Heights.


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