Blueberry Picking in Blacksburg, Virginia

Last Sunday, we went blueberry picking at Windrush Farm. Windrush Farm is located 15 miles north of Blacksburg, Virginia and is reached by heading 11 miles north on US-460W, turning left on Spruce Run Road (VA-605), and driving 3.2 miles to a left turn onto Windrush Lane. Parking was plentiful and included a portable toilet. Cell phone service was strong while on the property.

Blueberry Picking

The blueberries at Windrush Farm are grown pesticide free and with organic fertilizers. We did not acquire any bug bites despite the farm being pesticide free. According to my wife, their price of $2.25/pound or $1.68/pint is significantly better than that of local grocery stores. What’s more, we were able to pick succulent blueberries by the hand full without needing to do any serious foraging. Notably, the blueberries must be picked and are not available for sale pre-picked.Our two and half year old daughter had a lot fun tasting and picking blueberries because there were plenty at her eye level. However, the blueberry plants do not offer much shade so a floppy sun hat and sun tan lotion are advocated for children.
The following video shows the property and rows of blueberry plants.

In sum, Windrush Farm’s blueberries were succulent and grouped together in large clusters so we had a lot of fun. Be sure to check out their web site for hours and conditions:


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