Independence Pass: Continental Divide in Colorado

State Highway 82 between Twin Lakes, CO and Aspen, CO (a.k.a. Independence Pass) is open for public auto transportation from May to October and is densely populated with hiking trails, biking trails, and camping sites. It is a windy road manageable for most tourists.

Independence Pass Trailhead

The continental divide trailhead is at an elevation of 12,095 feet. This may be the shortest hike you’ll ever do considering that it is about 1,000 feet to the lookout deck seen in the View to the South picture. It provides a panoramic view (almost 360 degrees) of the Rocky Mountains. However, I believe the real treasures are found in the hiking, biking, and camping along Independence Pass (i.e., on both sides of the divide) which I plan to explore and chronicle in the future.
View to the South
View to the North

View to the West

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