Four Hydration Facts for Hikers and Mountain Bikers

The U.S. Army Survival Manual Fm 21-76 contains some important facts about maintaining hydration while being outdoors:

  1. Eating increases dehydration because your body uses water to carry off wastes from food and, thus, you can maximize your body’s water supply by eating less.
  2. Thirst is not an indication of how much water your body needs and, thus, drink regularly to prevent hydration but do not base your drinking regiment on your thirst.
  3. At 68 degrees Fahrenheit, an average adult loses/requires two to three liters of water daily. What’s more, in situations with high altitude, heat, and/or cold, your body requires more water.
  4. You should urinate approximately one pint a day.

Hikers and mountain bikers can stay hydrated and maintain performance by using hydration backpacks, eating energy gels, and carrying BPA-free water bottles. What’s more, hikers can bring collapsible travel pet bowls for their dogs.


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