Jacks Peak – Monterey, CA

Jacks Peak Park was located four miles east of highway 1. Hiking was the only activity allowed on the interpretive trail and an entrance fee was required. The parking area was large and included restrooms, picnic tables, and cell phone service.

We walked a 1.1 mile counterclockwise loop on the Skyline Nature Trail.


We saw lots of sedimentary rock and there were informational signs for us to read.


We saw lots of interesting flowers and plants including the Sticky Monkey Flower.

Sticky Monkey Flower

The trail had a nice loop, and was fairly easy to hike.


We saw lots of pretty views and saw (thought not in this picture) a lot of the ocean.


Another cool tree we saw was the Monterey Pine.

Monterey Pine

This was a nice view on a hill.


In sum, this trail had nice views, informational signs, and a cool plant variety. And, be sure to read our Fun Things To Do With Kids in Monterey.


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