Montini Open Space Preserve – Sonoma, CA

The Montini Open Space was located a half mile north of Sonoma Plaza. We parked at the 4th Street trailhead. There was space for several cars but no water fountain and restrooms. Dogs, mountain bikes, and horses were prohibited in this park. My cell phone service was intermittent.

We hiked one mile from the 4th Street trailhead to the 1st Street trailhead; after which we walked on the Sonoma bike path to return to our car. We experienced a gradual gain in elevation of 175 feet.


The beginning of the Holstein trail was smooth and flat.


It was a beautiful day but not too hot so we enjoyed the sun.


There were a few sections that featured steps but the rest of it was smooth and narrow.


There was a pleasant mix of open landscape and forest canopy.


It was very quiet considering that it was a Sunday afternoon and how close it was to downtown.


We followed signs to the 1st Street West trailhead and made a right turn onto the Spotted Fawn trail. Had we turned left at that intersection, we could have connected to the Valley of the Moon and Sonoma Overlook trails, but decided to keep our adventure short and simple.


We had fun spotting two lizards basking in the sun.


We walked back to our car using the Sonoma Bike path and a made quick stop at General Vallejo’s home.


In sum, we enjoyed a very easy, short hike on a beautiful Spring day in Sonoma. We’ve also had fun at Jack London State Park and, for dogs, recommend the Sonoma Valley Regional Park.


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