Hunter’s Run Park – Iowa City, IA

Hunter’s Run Park is located on the west side of Iowa City. Drive or run to it by taking Rohret Road to Duck Creek Drive. Trail running, dog walking (free waste bags provided), and playground fun are the primary activities. Parking is free along the street. Restrooms and water are not available. My cell phone service was strong while in the park.

Starting from Duck Creek Road, the trail is about 0.7 miles out and back with little change in elevation.


It is wide and consists of half paved and half gravel.


Our two and half year old had fun riding his pedal-less bike around the full loop. He needed a little help getting up the hills on the latter half but the short distance suited him well.


About half way around it transitioned from paved to gravel.


There are two picnic shelters outfitted with grills and trash cans.


The latter half has two gently rolling hills.  The park was serene with a soft white noise emitting from the nearby highway.


The playground has a rope climbing area, slide, teeter totter, and baby swings.


In sum, this park has been fun for our family to walk and run to because it has been quiet and easy to get to. The Tailwater River Walk is a similar nearby trail worth checking out.


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