Squire Point – Hiking, Dog Walking, Trail Map – North Liberty, Iowa

Squire Point is located in North Liberty, Iowa. Directions from Iowa City: take Dubuque St north for about 5 miles and turn right onto Cedar Dr NE, which includes a trail sign to identify the park. There is a large, free parking lot. Outdoor recreation on the trails includes hiking, trail running, and dog walking but bikes and horses are not allowed. Restrooms and water are not provided. Cell phone service was at a medium strength while on the trails. The following Google Map shows the loop we hiked that included trails S-2, S-1, and S-5.

We hiked an easy 1.3 mile loop inside the Squire Point trail system. Our hike started on S-2, continued on S-1, and finished on S-5. The change in elevation was less than 100 feet.

The S-2 trail is narrower and more rugged than the S-1 and S-5 trails but still good for family hiking. All three trails are densely shaded.

At the intersection of S-2 and S-1 there is a third trail C-1 that connects to the Woodpecker Nature Trail. We continued on S-1, which heads east toward Coralville Lake. The S-1 trail gets close enough to the lake to provide a semi-obstructed view of it. We enjoyed a snack while sitting on a park bench that overlooks the lake.

The S-1 and S-5 trails are double wide, primarily smooth, and gently sloping which make them ideal for toddlers and anyone seeking an easy walk in the woods.

Along the edge of all three trails is a collection of workout stations that support and encourage various exercises. We had fun giving each one a try.

We saw the following purple flower along side the trail. I am still working to identify it.

In sum, the trails at Squire Point are great for a quick family hike and/or dog walk because they are short, easy, and shaded.


2 thoughts on “Squire Point – Hiking, Dog Walking, Trail Map – North Liberty, Iowa”

  1. Your site is awesome! I am a Colorado native, moved to Iowa for school, and really appreciate the detail and trail information. I went to CSU for college (undergrad) so it was awesome to see some of my favorites on your list. Much appreciated, for sure!
    -Chandra J

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