Hiking, Cycling, and Mountain Biking Trails near Blacksburg, Virginia

The following are some of the hiking, cycling, and mountain biking trails we have documented on this blog for the Blacksburg, Virginia area. The following is a short description for each trail with its name linked to its dedicated blog post. Each of our blog posts describes a trail using anecdotes, directions, maps, pictures, and videos. Check out our full list of Virginia trails for more places to visit in the Blacksburg and Roanoke areas.

Mountain Bike Trails

The Poverty Creek Trail System is an extensive and interconnected set of trails located about 20 minutes northwest of Blacksburg, Virginia. The trail system connects with trails at Pandapas Pond and activities include mountain biking, trail running, hiking, hiking with dogs, and horseback riding. The trails offer a mix of technical, non-technical, long climbs, fast descents, stream crossings, and rolling hills; all of which make it a fun place for both beginner and expert mountain bikers.

Cycling, Walking, and Running Trails

The Huckleberry Trail is a 5.75 mile paved trail that connects Virginia Tech’s campus, Virginia Tech’s corporate research center, Blacksburg, and Christiansburg. It contributes to a high quality of life in the New River Valley because it can be used for recreation, commuting, and nature interpretation.

Heritage Park is located five minutes northwest of downtown Blacksburg and off of Glade Road. It is a peaceful place to visit that, because of its close proximity to Blacksburg, is ideal for repeated visits by families, dog owners, and cyclocross riders. It has a pond, paved trails, and grassy trails.

Deerfield Trail is a 0.8 mile (one-way) paved trail located just a few minutes north of downtown Blacksburg; on the corner of Toms Creek Road and Deerfield Drive. It is a great place to enjoy a tranquil walk and is a destination for repeated visits due to its close proximity to downtown.

Hiking Trails

The Cascades Trail and recreation area in Pembroke, Virginia is a little over 20 miles northwest of Blacksburg. Hiking to the Cascades waterfall is about 2 miles; so out and back is 4 miles. The Cascades hiking trails and 66 foot waterfall make for a very enjoyable outdoor adventure.

Pandapas Pond is about 15 minutes northwest of Blacksburg. It is a hub for recreation including hiking, exploring nature with kids, dog walking, fishing, and trail running. What’s more, it is bustling with wildlife and plants that are easy to identify without stepping off trail.

War Spur Trail is 3 miles north of Mountain Lake Lodge on State Route 613 in Mountain Lake, Virginia. It is an easy hike that includes a scenic overlook that can host a relaxing picnic. The trail is ideal for families with kids as young as four and that are ready to hike without being carried.

Ellett Valley Recreational Area is located near the boundaries of Blacksburg and Christiansburg. It has an easy one mile loop that is a tranquil because it does not appear to receive many visitors.


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