Fun Things To Do With Kids in Monterey, CA

I recently visited my grandparents (my kids’ great grandparents) in Monterey, California for three full days. The following are activities that all three generations enjoyed. First, we went to Dennis the Menace Playground. It features several play structures, each designed for a specific age range. Restrooms are available and parking is free but limited.

Dennis the Menace Playground

Our kids had a blast exploring the playground. There were three play structures that consumed most of our time. First, was a bridge that wobbled as the kids ran across it.

Second was a unique slide with spinning red pipes.

Third, was an especially long and curvy slide.

In addition, the playground boasts a rock climbing wall and a train. The train appears to be a popular activity but was out of service on the day we visited.

The next place we visited was Lover’s Point Park. It offers a great view of Monterey Bay. Restrooms are available and parking is free but limited.

It includes a small beach that is free, easily accessible, and which our kids had fun at.

Lovers Point Park Beach

Last, we took our kids to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. A day pass or annual membership is required. We parked for free on the street about half way between Lover’s Point and the aquarium. It features native plants and sea life. In addition, it is very kid friendly because it includes stations for touching sea animals, water play areas, and indoor mini playgrounds.

We saw an active octopus that captivated us for a long time.

Octopus at Monterey Bay Aquarium

The jellyfish were also active and with vibrant colors.

Jellyfish at Monterey Bay Aquarium

The sea turtles were one of our favorite animals.

The Monterey Bay Coastal Recreation Trail is an 18 mile paved path from Castroville to Pacific Grove. It features free dog waste bags and plenty of space for runners, walkers, and cyclists. The left side of the following picture shows a family of four riding a rented bicycle. Renting a single family bike looked like a lot of fun but we didn’t think we could secure our 20 month old on it. Instead, we walked the one mile stretch from the Aquarium to Lover’s Point.

The highlight of our walk was seeing a large of group of resting sea lions.

The following Google Map shows the locations of the three aforementioned places.

In sum, all three generations had fun exploring Monterey. What are your favorite kid activities in the Monterey Bay area?

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